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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Giftingtech is committed to empowering non-profits to control and convey their message. At this stage we hope you have submitted an application form for consideration. But your work doesn't stop once you press the Submit button. We can design a website for you and in many cases we can do that quite quickly. What often bogs down the website building process is two things

  • no decision process is in place to approve design and content for the site

  • people have different tastes with respect to design and it becomes impossible to incorporate all of these differing tastes into one cohesive site

Here are some helpful pointers that you can start on now, to help you define your message in the digital world

  • Focus on the big picture - what are your needs, what are the needs of your clients,

  • Figure out who your primary user is, we are not designing the site for the organization but for the clients of the organization

  • Try to start by figuring out the minimum information that you want on the website and the maximum - by starting with the minimum we can get a website design to you quickly and then train you on adding more information when the time permits

Once you have the big picture figured out:hat

  • Designate a contact person who has the support of other colleagues that would allow that person to make decisions on behalf of the group as a whole or at least someone who will take responsibility for ensuring that there is a supportable consensus

  • Start looking at sites that you like, grab pencil and paper and draw out (map) what you would like your site to look like - even use scissors and glue to put together a template

  • Start collecting all of your material that already exists, newsletters social media posts, logos, mission statements - if this material already exists it will save us time in the design process.

Good luck with this process and we look forward to working with you.


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