Copy of Don't make me think part 3 - Or let's get positive

Updated: Mar 18

Just as your thinking that no one is going to read anything on your site - Krug lays out how to combat the problems noted in the other blogs

Take advantage of conventions - put things where users expect to see them, make them work the way the user is used to things working, think about how things work. For example if a user sees a link, they expect that they can click it and it will take them to where they want to go

Build effective visual hierarchies - the more important something is, the more prominent it should be, if things are related logically relate them physically as well and nest things to show what is part of what. If everything looks equally important on your page it's a lot more work for the user.

Break up pages into clearly defined defined areas. Again, don't make people think. Let them glance quickly and find what they want.

Make it obvious what is clickable. Make sure clickable items are one colour.

Format your text to enable scanning. You do this by

  • using plenty of headings

  • keeping paragraphs short

  • using bullets

  • highlighting key terms

So now we have a little more information on what we need to do so let's change pace in the next blog and I'll start telling you how to do it.

Next up: Basics of Web Design


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