You get attractive, effective websites and apps with low hassle and no cost - and the skills training to manage them. University Web Development grads get career-building experience putting their skills and knowledge to work for you.

Gifting Tech - Free Websites for Socially Progressive Organizations

Everything is
Online Now

Your clients, donors and partners expect to connect with you online as easily as with businesses and governments. So it's more critical than ever to give them​​​ the simple online experience they need to donate to, work with and to support you and ​ the attractive, effective website and apps that help you deliver on your mission. ​ But expensive technology services mean a big gap between what you need to do and what you think you can afford.


Gifting Tech helps bridge that gap.

How Does
It Work

Working closely with you, our Grads create crisp new websites and apps that give you the online profile, reach and capacity you need now. And our Grads go a big step further - giving your staff the expertise and tools to keep your website and apps up to date.

Gifting Tech - Empowering you and your message.





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